User management

You can setup as many users as you want and assign them to zones with an access level within that zone. Go back to module list.

User access zone

Each user is allocated to a access zone. They can only access resources within that zone. Typically there are PUBLIC and ADMIN zones but additional zones can easily be added to effectively provide a different experience within each zone.

User access level

Within the assigned zone a user is also allocated an access level. There are typically 4 access levels ranging from unrestricted access to read only access.

User device access

  • Users can access their zone from multiple devices at the same time. So a user can login from a smart phone, a table, and their laptop simultaneously without any conflict between devices.
  • User can use conventional password access and specify a period of up to 1 year to remain logged in from that device.
  • Alternatively a user can request a login link to be emailed to them from login page, provided they are already a registered user. This innovation is just as secure as conventional password access and make remembering passwords unnecessary.
  • Conventional password resets are also available from login page.
  • Secure password rules are enforced.

User audit trail

  • All logged in user actions are audited. This included and data updates and critical actions.
  • User activity reports based on the audit trail are available, so you know who is doing what and when.

User help documentation

  • Manage your own user help documentation on a zone by zone basis.
  • Create help topics and link to zone menu so users can get help when they need it.