Auction manager

The auction module is intended for managing online auctions in combination with bricks and mortar live auctions. It is not trying to be an ebay equivalent. If you have an existing auction business and want to list your lots online and allow your clients who cannot make it to the live physical auction, to bid online and merge these with live bids then you are in the right place. You can manage purely online or purely live auctions but the difference with an eBay type platform is that there are discrete auctions which are closed and then processed. Go back to module list.

The auction module admin section has the following functionality:

  • Create unlimited auctions.
  • Add unlimited lots to an auction, with multiple images.
  • Setup Lot index terms, category hierarchy, Type, Condition and assign these to lots.
  • Manage multiple sellers in addition to yourself and set commission levels.
  • Each lot has a reserve and estimate price., bid price cannot be less than reserve.
  • Once all lots added, you can generate a sequence auction catalogue no based on whatever ordering sequence you prefer.
  • Create various format PDF auction catalogues, including: Master catalogue for admin purposes, Public catalogue for emailing to clients, Realised catalogue for post auction results.
  • Easily insert Auction lot listing into any public website module page.
  • Process all online bids so best/earliest bid is assigned to each lot in preparation for live auction.
  • Capture live auction results as they are happening.
  • Issue invoices immediately for clients at live auctions.
  • Invoices can have additional shipping and handling charges manually added as appropriate.
  • Post auction reports include: Lots grouped by buyer or seller, Seller commission iou, realised catalogue, Invoices issued and more.
  • After an auction has been processed you can reactivate it to allow online clients to bid for unsold lots.

The auction module public interface allows:

  • Users/clients to register online and create bid-forms and check them out.
  • Can have multiple auctions running at the same time, provided the user processes one bid-form per auction.
  • Allow unregistered users to add items to a bid form which will stay alive for 30days. Can also force registration before bidding is allowed.
  • Full bid form checkout wizard which allows user to confirm their bid form contents and select preliminary shipping and payment options.
  • Automatically register users in checkout wizard or require login for existing users.
  • Insert account management pages(dashboard, active bid forms, profile page, historical bid forms, Invoice history and download) into public menu structure wherever you want.