Technology partnership

Internet technology is a dynamic and evolving field and we believe that our relationship with our clients should be based on similar principles.

We are in the business of providing custom solutions which integrate standard components and add the bits that are missing, because we believe that nobody has exactly the same data requirements. Open source software embraces this reality and always puts you in the driver’s seat. You always have access to the source code and are not bound to any one service provider.

However, the complexity of the internet and software in general can be daunting to the end user. Individuals and small businesses typically do not have the skills to make the correct choices and are bombarded with one size fits all solutions that promise the world and ultimately just add to the complexity.

To address this complexity Seriti Software offers customised partnerships that simplify your life, and at the same time do not restrict your options. Our technology choices are always made from the best that the open source community has to offer. This means you will never be left out in the cold with software and systems that bind you to a single proprietary service provider, and we always make your data available for export in standard open source formats.

Everyone has different requirements, and the Seriti Framework is designed to be highly flexible. We can customise the parts that are unique to your business and at the same time integrate this customisation with standard products like WordPress, Amazon S3, and Google apps for business(including Gmail).

Seriti also recognises that many people are sophisticated users and there are extensive customisation tools that allow you to easily modify and add to standard data structures. If you are a power user you can also add event driven actions using short codes or even extend our framework with plugins if you have PHP programming experience. At any point we are there to help you adapt the system to your requirements.

Seriti Software has a very simple pricing structure: We charge a monthly hosting fee which depends on the services you use and covers the cost of hosting servers, cloud data storage, backup facilities, and support. Any customisation requirements are charged at a standard hourly fee.