Welcome to Seriti Software

Seriti Software specialises in custom web application development. We are focused exclusively on the LAMP(Linux Apache MySQL Php) stack which powers a major portion of the web from wordpress to facebook. We have developed our own robust and secure application framework for managing large datasets within the MySQL database engine. We can help you bring order to your personal or business data, all under one roof. We believe that form should follow function, so we focus on the data and keep eye candy to a functional minimum.

Your staff, clients, family or friends can be granted highly customisable access to the functionality of all your systems and data. All user access and actions are fully audited.

We provide all the IT services that a small business requires: Google apps/suite for business configuration, or conventional email. Public facing websites using the dominant wordpress platform(which can be integrated with your data as well), graphic design, application development, payment processing, document management, consulting, database design, hosting, backups.

We believe in superior support and when you contact us we respond in english not techno-babble.