Application development

These days websites are behaving more like traditional applications and applications are embracing internet technology, so the line between the two has become blurred especially from the user’s perspective.

A website is really a specialised type of application where most processing happens on the server and is accessed over a public network by a dumb terminal or “thin client” (no offence to your device). The traditional application typically operates on a private network with far more processing occuring at the client rather than the server “fat client” (once again, no offence to your device).

Ironically the old main-frame computers operated very much like the internet does today, and the latest AJAX website applications are shifting processing back to the client side so it’s back to the future and forward to the past.

Seriti software specialises in developing applications that are data intensive and aimed at reducing complexity in your daily data management tasks, whether it is managing your ecommerce website, or a conventional bricks and mortar business. Data is data, and the only thing we can be sure of is that it keeps on growing exponentially. Let us worry about your data, so you can focus on your business.

Document management(also known as unstructured data) is also a huge burden for many people, and we have sophisticated tools for linking documents to your structured data and storing the documents in the cloud. You never have to worry about backups and data security again. We integrate your applications with cloud storage service like Amazon S3 which offer incredibly cheap and secure storage.

Data security is also a major concern for many people, and we offer a full suite of security protocols. SSL encrypts the link from browser to the server, and sophisticated user access protocols are available, as well as a full audit trail of all user actions(most serious security breaches are home grown rather than the result of external agents/hackers).